System Development

Our software engineers have been developing a handful of systems that are fully customised to cater to the requirements of our clients.

  • Point-of-Sales (POS) System
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  • Mobile Gateway System
  • Personal Profiling System
  • Member Registration / Subscription
  • Royalty & Points System
  • Mobile Applications
  • Project Management
  • Online Forms
  • Inventory System
  • ECommerce
  • Web portal/Online community portal
  • Registration system (for sports race events, seminars, exhibition and talks)
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Personal BLOG site
  • Social Networking site (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster and Twitter)
  • Employee data collection and information storage
  • Import/export of data to improve manual processing
  • Improved business reporting systems
  • Specialised data capturing tools
  • and many other solutions…

Below are some of our favourite platforms and area of expertise used to develop our systems.

  • MS Access
  • SQL Server
  • MySql
  • Crystal Reports
  • PHP
  • ZEND Framework
  • SVN
  • Apache